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Happy Patriots’ Day, Bashtan! Finish the Race.

Boylston Street, Boston MA

Happy Patriots’ Day, Bashtan! Finish the Race.

Boylston Street, Boston MA

New Orleans-Day 1


In celebration of the April 1st Canadian release of The Hollow Crown on DVD, Shakespeare’s 450th birthday year, and to thank all of our wonderful followers for their support and enthusiasm for the series over the past year, we are pleased to announce a DVD Giveaway! NBCUniversal has generously donated three copies of The Hollow Crown The Complete Series in Region 1 format all for you, the fans!

Here are the rules:

  • To enter simply reblog this Tumblr post
  • Contest runs from April 1st to April 23rd. Winners will be announced by April 25th.
  • Winners will be chosen at random to receive a free DVD set
  • You do not need to follow us on Tumblr to be eligible. However, “Giveaway blogs” will not be eligible
  • Only reblogs - no Like’s will be counted
  • Limited to 1 reblog per day (each one counts as an entry)
  • We ship anywhere in the world - you should have a Region 1 (North America) DVD player to view these DVDs
  • Your Ask box must be available so we can contact you


Any other questions, just ask!

To keep up to date on the giveaway, pictures and news about the Hollow Crown, please follow our Tumblr and/or follow us on Twitter @HollowCrownFans

You should get this regardless because it’s awesome. I should also remember that the US is region 1 not region 2. I am silly.

50 posts!

50 posts!

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Salem You’re My Home 








Glad You Came - With Violin 


The chorus is magnificent and I love how he smiles as he plays!!! *U*


Seriously, just take three minutes and acknowledge this beautiful young brother and his talent. It’s worth it.

One of mt favorite things about human beings is when you can really SEE how much passion and love a person has for something.

Press play- you will not be disappointed. [:

Really, really worth the watch.

This made my day. REBLOG THIS ASAP! You will smile right along with him.

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The Next Travel Destination!

The Big Easy! New Orleans LA! (pic credit Foley & Judell LLC)

I turn 45 in April, and Tigger and I have a new travel plan. On the years that will be ‘0’ (40, 50, etc.) we will travel internationally. On the ‘5’s (45, 55, etc) there will be a big domestic trip. We are going through Monograms again for a 4-day, 4-night stay. Advantage: we are staying a day longer than the package - they offer an extra night for WAY WAY LESS than us booking it ourselves ($56/person instead of $199/person). We are driving from RPB to NOLA, so no flight, but hopefully lots of pics from the road this time.


Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth MA - October 2003

Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth MA - October 2003